Whether we’re helping to eradicate polio in Pakistan or providing clean water to schools in Mozambique, our work is funded by three sources: our members, outside donors, and market investments. This funding is vital to the lasting change we’re creating in communities all over the world.

We are responsible leaders

Responsible leadership means being both efficient and trustworthy with our donations. We’re committed to making the most out of every dollar we receive — that’s why we use nearly 90% of our funding for program expenses.

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What we do with our donations

Each year, gifts to The Rotary Foundation fund thousands of projects around the globe. Here are a few examples:

    • $76 million spent on fighting polio in the last three countries where it has never been stopped — Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria — and in others that remain at risk
    • $126,000 spent to provide professional development for educators and improve literacy skills in rural Thailand
    • $72,000 spent to improve sustainable farming practices in Cameroon



Our support is worldwide:



Being financially responsible means having nothing to hide.